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Simmer Sauces That Make Meals Easy, Exciting & Affordable

2020 marked a year of change for the world — and home chefs worldwide have spoken. They want a “Pandemic & Beyond Pantry” well-stocked with the essentials needed to prepare healthy, affordable, quick and easy meals.

Our Indianlife Cooking Sauces create healthy, restaurant quality Indian meals in minutes for the ultimate in cooking convenience. Soon to be your “go-to” favourite for everything from sandwich fixings to stir fries, each delicious blend is a traditional family recipe crafted using the freshest all-natural ingredients and our exclusive spices. Enjoy them with chickpeas, paneer (Indian cheese), lentils, tofu and tempeh and your favorite proteins, pasta, vegetables and more.

Each hails from a region rich in tradition. While Indian cuisine is often simply classified as Northern, Southern, Eastern or Western, each region really has several “schools” of culinary wizardry.

In India, the richer North and Central regions often emphasize available fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, wheat, and dairy. Along India’s coastal areas fish and seafood figure prominently while in the South, there is less meat. Here coconuts, grains, rice and legumes are prominent.

Discover the Karma of Korma … … simmer up some spicy curry … …try Tikka or Beurre Masala. And kids love vegetables simmered in sweet Coconut Cashew!

Vegan Coconut Cashew features fresh coconut milk, canola oil, cashew nuts, tomato paste, tomatoes, green chilies, cilantro, onions, garlic, ginger and our exclusive Masala blend.

Vegan Curry is subtly spiced to aromatic perfection. A versatile, all-natural vegan Curry sauce that makes any dish exciting.

Vegetarian Indianlife Butter Masala creates authentic “vegan” Butter Masala, blending tangy tomatoes and spicy heat with yogurt, cream, and our “secret recipe” of classic spices.

Vegetarian Almond Korma boasts incredible silky flavor, creamy texture and gently toasted spices that will turn any dish into something special.

Vegetarian Tikka Masala is a spicier, creamy all-natural vegetarian sauce that’s the base for many popular Indian classics.

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