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Easy One-Pot Pasta – From Coconut Cashew to Curry!

Everybody loves an easy, healthy one-pot recipe. “One pot” meals are awesome — ingredients cook together so the entire dish is ready at once with less cleanup. The secret of success with these recipes is adding all ingredients at specific times so they cook perfectly.

For this recipe, we added some fresh ginger for the added “kick” and nutrition of ginger root. For the pasta we suggest Rotini or Penne — but feel free to experiment with your favorites. Overall pasta shaped to “catch” the sauce and coat well are good choices. Customize this recipe to your heart’s content by substituting any of our Indianlife Cooking Sauces. Your meal will still be delicious — and can easily go from weeknight dinner to exotic side dish.

<!–Creamy Indianlife Coconut Cashew Sauce has a rich depth of flavor that complements tender pasta and fresh veggies. From the Southern region, this mellow, all-natural Vegan Cashew Coconut Simmer Sauce unites the sweetness of coconut with a creamy cashew crunch and our exclusive Masala blend.–>

Enjoy this meal the entire family will love with your favorite Indianlife flatbreads like naan or roti.

One Pot Pasta Curry


1/4-1/3 Cup (78ml) Oil (Ghee, olive oil, sunflower or coconut oil.)

1.5 Cup (340g) chopped onion.

2 Cloves fresh garlic, peeled and chopped or grated.

1 Knob (About one T) Fresh ginger root, peeled, grated.

8 oz. (1 Cup or 227g)) Frozen Snow Peas or Chopped Green Beans.

1 Red or green bell pepper cut into 1.5 cm strips chopped into 3 – 4 pieces.

2 Carrots, grated or chopped.

1 Cup Sliced Mushrooms* (Optional)

8 to 12 oz. Pasta (Amount you use will depend on type of pasta, size of pot, etc.)

1/4 Cup corn starch, arrowroot, tapioca or rice flour to thicken.


Place a stockpot (3 to 4 quart is fine) on the stove.

  1. Add enough water for the pasta you are using, bring it to a boil and cook the pasta until just done – do not overcook, approximately 9-11 minutes. Drain water from pasta, set pasta aside.

  2. Add oil to the now-drained pan along with onion, garlic and ginger. Sprinkle onion mixture with a touch of salt to help “sweat” the vegetables and caramelize the onion flavor. Sauté until onions are translucent.

  3. Add remaining vegetables and mix into the onion mixture. Sauté all together for a few minutes (Approx. 5).

  4. Add Cooked Pasta and cover all with Coconut Cashew sauce. Add enough water to just cover the veggies and pasta; use 1 cup of water (250ml) to one jar of Indianlife Cooking Sauce.

  5. Heat till the mixture comes to a boil and reduce heat to low or simmer. Cover and simmer for approx. 20 minutes.

  6. Mix corn starch or other thickener with water in a cup. Add this mixture at the very end of cooking and stir into curry to thicken as desired.

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